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The Well Read Naturalist reviews Animal Behaviour:VSI

The review:

“Birds do it. Bees do it. Educated fleas? Yes, them too. But how do they pick their partners, or convince one another to do it with them? And after they do it, what comes next?

All this, of course, is fair game for those who study animal behavior, as well as a wide range of other interesting subjects that Tristram D. Wyatt presents in his new Animal Behavior; A Very Short Introduction.

Bird watchers should take note of this book. Amateur entomologists should take note of it as well. Quite simply, if you spend any time at all observing, contemplating, or taking any notice whatsoever of the activities of animals, animal behavior is a subject about which you should have at least basic understanding.

And as with so any subjects, a Very Short Introduction is a superb place to begin.”