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Every Episode of David Attenborough’s Life Series, Ranked – Ed Yong in The Atlantic

The science writer Ed Yong watched and ranked all 79 episodes in of David Attenborough’s Life Collection, on the eve of Attenborough’s 90th birthday. Yong’s list does not include more recent series like Blue Planet.

Source: Every Episode of David Attenborough’s Life Series, Ranked – The Atlantic

Videos featuring animal behaviour (links updated periodically) | Dynamic Ecology

Ecologist Megan Duffy compiled this list of videos which bring examples for teaching ecology, including many examples of animal behaviour.  Source: Videos for teaching ecology (Updated periodically) | Dynamic Ecology

What animals do – going behind the documentaries to understand why

This blog provides stories about animal behaviour and links to the best of science and natural history writing and videos of animals behaving. I’m a zoologist working on animal behaviour. I’ll be sharing the things that catch my eye. 

From hovering hummingbirds to meerkats standing sentry, how animals behave is crucial to their survival and reproduction. Today, the study of animal behaviour is being revolutionized by new molecular tools such as DNA fingerprinting and genomics. Combining these with the traditional methods of observation and experiments allows us to learn more about animal behaviour than ever before.